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Mandated Training


mandated training

Beginning for the 2023-2024 school year, NUSD has adopted the PublicSchoolWORKS system for mandated training and annual notifications, previously accessed via MyNUSDPortal. In order to meet mandated training and annual notification requirements, you will automatically be assigned online courses in PublicSchoolWORKS.

While all necessary documents can be found in PublicSchoolWORKS, know that you can always reference NUSD’s Board policies for Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Prevention, Bullying Recognition and Response, Mandated Reporter: Child Abuse and Neglect, Sexual Harassment, Suicide Prevention, Workplace Bullying, Professional Boundaries and more on our website.

Thank you in advance for learning about these important issues and completing the requirements.

The District’s mandated trainings are administered by PublicSchoolWORKS. Please reach out for assistance, questions about the system, or issues you may be having with the training at Human Resources at [email protected] or by contacting PublicSchoolWORKS at 1-866-724-6650, option 4.

Accessing Public School Works