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The Natomas Unified School District offers an array of academic, social-emotional supports, and enrichment opportunities for students to grow and excel, have a sense of belonging at their respective schools, and thrive! Learning begins as early as preschool and transitional kindergarten with play, curriculum, and activities that begin the foundation for a love of learning. This webpage is meant to capture programs, resources, and opportunities related to students. For the convenience of our web users, information related to students can be found two ways: alphabetical list as it was on the former website and/or through the categories identified as academics, social-emotional supports, and enrichment.

JFS students at lunch may 2024


Natomas Unified offers a variety of academic programs to meet the needs of students including International Baccalaureate (IB) authorized schools at 7 of 15 NUSD schools, college courses through American River College that can be taken simultaneously with high school classes, and many other programs to help students succeed. Natomas is committed to supporting students at whatever level they may be at with tutoring, extending programs such as LEAP Academy, and tailored instruction to promote growth among each student. Here are a few examples of Academics in action.

LEAP Academy Strengthening Skills

College Application Completion Day

Gain Entrepreneurial Skills with CTE Pathways

Social Emotional Supports

It is so important for students to feel safe and welcomed at school. There are social workers and psychologists at each school site to support students. Many schools have behavioral support programs such as PBIS which stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. We have a 24-hour helpline or electronic submission to report bullying, suspicious activity, or mental health needs. Here are some feature videos on Social-Emotional support. Students can always check with the front office staff for services available at their respective schools.

Learning Dangers of Fetanyl

Social-Emotional Wellness

High School Mentors


From sports beginning in the 4th grade through high school, to band, drama, cheerleading, and more, Natomas Unified has made significant investments for students to have enrichment opportunities. Some of those enrichments can be found in the alphabetized list below while others may be unique to a school.  Students are encouraged to learn what's available at their schools and to participate in enrichment activities to have a well-rounded school experience that motivates them to come to school each and every day.

Esports Tournaments

UC Davis STEM Camp

Competitive Sports

Items Related to Students Alphabetized